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About Digital Art / Student Official Beta Tester Tjaša (Tya-sha)18/Female/Slovenia Groups :iconfantasyartistsunited: FantasyArtistsUnited
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Tjaša (Tyasha) | 18 | self-taught | Tea & Art addict

Hi there!
My name is Tjaša (Tyasha) but you can call me Blacky or Dino. I started drawing by the age of 5. I mostly started of by drawing dinosaurs and dragons, now I draw hybrids. Gotta love 'em. I try to comment as much as possible, even when there's no time or I have to study so I don't fail my classes. lol. So, how's your day been so far?

Hope you enjoy your little stay!

Stained glass windows describe me. {Commission} by pyxiecat


My youtube channel.

My tumblr account.

Copyright 2 by Th3EmOo



Yawn by fantastic-mr-fawn


:bulletgreen:Note me for a trade!
:bulletgreen:Your art has to be at the ''same level'' as mine.
:bulletgreen:I'll put as much effort in the drawing as you do - If you draw a sketch and colour over it, don't expect me to draw a full digital painting with the details and all.
:bulletgreen:You'll have to draw your part first as of bad experiance in the past.
:bulletgreen:Don't rush me! It makes me work slower and makes me fell unmotivated.:

Trades - Closed by SweetDuke


:bulletorange:Only tutorials can be requested.
Dog Paw (Stock / Tutorial) by dinoPharaohHow to shade Dino's way by dinoPharaoh

Requests - Ask Me by SweetDuke


:bulletpurple:You'll have to be at least near my art level.
Collaborations - Closed by SweetDuke

Point Commissions

:bulletwhite:I'll start after I get payed.
:bulletwhite:Price list *SOON*

Point Commissions - Closed by SweetDuke

Frequently Asked Questions PLEASE READ


Q: What brush do you use for shading?

A: I use the "Splerdge" brush wich can be found here…. There's a lot of different brushes you can use to acheve the same effect.

Q: Are you open for requests?

A: No I'm not and never will be. I'm not going to work my ass off and get nothing in return; stop asking. Only for a certain tutorial if you need help on anything!

Q: Can we do a trade?

A: Sure! As long as you're on my art level and I'm not piled up!

Q: Do you have Skype?

A: Yes I do, but I won't give it to anyone unles you earn my trust---and when I figure out what my password was lol.

Q: When did you learn to draw?

A: When I was about 5. I started off with random doodles (pretty much what toddlers do) and then moved on to drawing dinousaurs and dragons. I got really inspired by the dragon in "Shrek". Awesome thing.

Any more questions? Ask here :pointr:

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Koabue 2015 by dinoPharaoh
Koabue 2015
FULL NAME: Koabue Lionel



SEXUALITY: Heterosexual

SPECIES: Koala Bear

PERSONALITY: Quiet, shy, paranoid, loving, kind

BACKGROUND STORY: (In development)

FEARS: Being left alone, losing himsef
Ofus 2015 by dinoPharaoh
Ofus 2015
FULL NAME: / (unknown)

NICKNAMES: Offy, Oh Fuss!


SEXUALITY: Heterosexual

SPECIES: Dragon (?)

PERSONALITY: Protective, posessive, self-centered, naive, playful

BACKGROUND STORY: (In development )

Springtrap by dinoPharaoh

All aboard the bandwagon!

So I recently watched Markiplier play the new FNAF3 (because I’m too scared to actually play the game by myself obviously) and decided to draw some fanart for Springtrap because he or she looks epic. I also wanted to include Mark in this and some other sketches but I couldn’t get his face to look right. Oh well. I guess I’m stuck in an artblock again.

One more thing - my Photoshop died so I drew this in Paint tool SAI. Yay!
Chicka 2015 by dinoPharaoh
Chicka 2015
NAME: Chicka


GENDER: Female

SEXUALITY: Pansexual

SPECIES: Utahraptor

PERSONALITY: Derpy, sarcastic, truthful, kind, energetic


FEARS: Crabs, deadly plants, hair loss
Chad 2015 by dinoPharaoh
Chad 2015
FULL NAME: Chad Alfred Montero

NICKNAMES: Smoke tail


SEXUALITY: Heterosexual


PERSONALITY: Arrogant, short tempered, full of himself ( in open areas -deserts) – respectful, calm, kind (in closed areas -jungle). The reason he is filled with rage when he enters open areas is because he remembers poisoning large amounts of forest mainly by accident. His anger is uncontrollable.

BACKGROUND STORY: In the early days, Chad was a member of an odd pack of lions. Most of the lions in the pack had their tails missing, due to unusual circumstances, but he was the only one feeling extremely useful. Members of the pack tried to comfort him but to no avail. They soon abandoned him and he was forced to survive on his own. Later he was found by a group of hyenas, which accepted him as he was. With them, he discovered his unusual power. When in danger, he can produce a ton of poisoned smoke, which he can easily control, but mastering this trick took him a while and many plants and other animals died by it. His personality changes depending on the environment.

FEARS: Open spaces, sand, elephants


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